How to buy
Customer Identification
How to buy:

To purchase you need to click on the shopping cart located next to your selected products.

The shopping cart displays the products, prices and any amounts been adding to it, when browsing our online store platform .

Once satisfied with the order you want to make click on the "Proposed Purchase " button on the bottom of the page in the shopping cart . This takes you to a page where , if you have already purchased before you are asked your email and password, if you have never bought before you are prompted for your email address , password and confirmation thereof .

If you have already purchased before and had identified with his e- mail and password will show the address we have stored in our database to make delivery of the order. You may change your address if it has changed.

If this is the first time you buy the empty form will appear for you to enter your identification and address.

After confirming the data, a summary of your order will appear on screen . If you agree with the contents of the shopping cart select "Forward Motion for purchase."

All the information you send us will be encrypted and stored on our secure to ensure confidentiality and inviolability of their personal data server.

After obtaining the total amount of your order, we'll introduce the four payment options listed in the following section .

You will also have the opportunity to tell us if wish to receive the invoice by e- mail and attached to the corresponding original packet sent .

Payment :

Wire Transfer
Secured credit card (via phone)
You can order a bank transfer to our account:

Bank Identifier Code ( SWIFT CODE ) : CAIX ES BB XXX

Recipient : Gothic Zone

The transfer must indicate the order number and your name. At the time that our bank will proceed to send you your order, within the time committed supply .

Secured credit card

For the recovery card company to open an online store should open an account and hire a payment gateway , this procedure is done through a bank or savings bank . By the simple fact of having a Virtual TPV responsible trade must have contributed to the Bank or some documentation that proves you are an owner of that payment gateway .

As for payment by credit card, by the user , we must consider a fundamental issue, which is that the card data will not be processed by our company because our computer system makes a call to secure bank server , you sends the information of the amount to pay, and the bank itself ( or Savings Bank ) who requests the data from the card and makes the collection process .

The bank does not know the contents of the shopping cart , so there is no risk that the aforementioned financial institution uses this information to study the socio- economic profile of the user.

In our case, we do not store or have access to card data . Thus there is no risk of improper use of your card on our part, because we do not know the details of that card.

On the other hand, the Spanish Association of Electronic Commerce ( AECE ) has created a page for advice and information on the internet buying . You can access this information through the following link .

The payment is made on the Visa website www.e- on a secure server .

Netscape Explorer

This is the proof that your browser has recognized that it is in safe area and that data exchanged with www.e- through secure payment can not be viewed by others.

This is because we use an advanced encryption protocol SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer) to protect the information that you provided . In practice, data is automatically encrypted and can only be decrypted by the recipient.

That is why , when you choose to pay with your credit card safely , entering a check pages look different. This is the payment gateway of the bank , which is the recipient of the encrypted information on your card. HTTPS = safe area.

You can also check the safety of www.e- watching the address bar of your browser : You will see how to enter in the payment of the bank ( bank 5th European ranking) , where they are asked to confidential information , the address changes . That way you can check who has agreed to the payment gateway and is in a safe place. Using the SSL protocol.

We incorporate new developments in technology payment through secure credit cards so you can buy with absolute security. New developments offer the possibility of paying for your purchases through VIRTUAL POS with maximum security , with the new payment protocol developed by Visa and MasterCard using secure cards .

What is "secure " card ?

It is linked to their Visa and MasterCard a password for use in Internet shopping . Moreover, in the case of Visa cards, is to choose a personal message that will always appear in the form where prompted the aforementioned password.

How to " make sure " your cards ?

Getting through your bank new password for your Visa and MasterCard , which will ensure that no one else can use their cards to make payments online.

What advantages does pay to " safe" cards?

Guarantees the identity of the buyer. You acknowledge the legitimacy of the transaction , preventing spoofing . Allows you to use , as usual, your cards in stores and conventional machines ; and at the same time with new keys " secure " Internet shopping with the same card and full warranty , as if you were personally in trade.

PayPal, an eBay company . PayPal is the payment system On Line leader in the world .

Customer Identification

You can buy in our online store , identified as a customer, you have already made ​​a purchase in the store so it should fill the e -mail and password that performed the previous purchase , and click the Continue button .

Below the form you filled in your previous purchase displays. To change the address you can do , and will keep it for future purchases .

In case the e -mail or password you entered is incorrect or you do not remember the data you entered in your previous purchase , you can place your order by checking the "It's my first purchase in the store," again filling your e- mail address and a new password.

If it's your first purchase , you must check this option and will have to fill in your e- mail address, password and confirm it. Have to press continue and will need to provide your address details . For future purchases , you must select "I bought in the store before " and enter the email and password you used to login as a customer on their first purchase .

If you find any difference to your original order, you must communicate before making the payment and wait for the confirmation e- mail for the differences reported .

In addition to e- mail the data related to the business operation , including the following :

Name and address
Personal identification code or businesswoman
E -mail
Website ( if any)
Province or State
Amount requested for each item .
Place of delivery of purchased items , indicating destination port.
Other information considered relevant to send , such as a proposed method of payment, etc. ...
Province or State
In a few days you will receive an email with the price of the transaction and payment methods available.

In case you make the decision to purchase, we will send an e- mail communicating that decision , requesting submission of Proforma Invoice (a document that will likely be useful for various procedures in your country) . In a few days you will receive an invoice via e- mail .

Any questions, feedback or suggestions please contact: